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Attracting unwanted attention is something that most people generally tend to shy away from. Nobody likes to be stared at. It feels awkward and a bit unnatural. Outside of the entertainment industry, finding ways to blend in is more of the norm.

A shiny scalp can cause people to look more than once. This is something that people with a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment, a shaved head or those that are totally bald have in common. While it is a natural reaction to look, glancing at somebody’s scalp from time to time can make that person uncomfortable. It could tend to border on the annoying after some time and might lead to an unpleasant reaction. Reducing this eye-catching phenomenon is something that men hope to achieve not only in the name of vanity but for their peace of mind as well.
Shiny Head
Light bouncing off the head is the reason why this phenomenon occurs. People who leave their scalp totally exposed have no hair present that could absorb the light. Those with existing hair however can try shaving with the grain instead of against it. It would also be better to use an electric shaver instead of wet shaving. These methods could help leave a layer of hair that is short enough to disturb the light before it reaches the scalp. This could help minimize the shine.
The amount of oil upon the scalp is another contributor to this occurrence. Adding more shine through moisturisers or other oil-based products could sometimes be unavoidable if it is part of a daily aftercare routine. This could be reduced if applied before going to bed instead of during the day. The skin also naturally produces oil to protect it from any bacteria. Regularly washing the scalp could help reduce any excess sebum it generates. It would likewise be helpful to have some sanitary wipes within reach in case an improvised cleaning session is required. Keep in mind that these oil reduction techniques should not leave the scalp dry. It would not only make it susceptible to irritation but could also cause the skin to produce more oil. Using a non-greasy moisturiser as necessary would be sufficient for its daily maintenance.
Sweating would be another reason why a shiny scalp is an unavoidable situation. Light reflects off water really well and a person’s sweat is no exception. This is bound to happen because a person needs to sweat to cool himself down when doing any strenuous activity or if the temperature becomes warmer than what the body is accustomed to. It is also a way to rid itself of toxins. Sometimes, even strong emotions such as anger or stress can make a person sweat. Being at the beach or playing any kind of sport would make the shine an acceptable situation. Everyone else’s skin would probably be shining as well and they would most likely be more focused on the activity to notice somebody’s shiny scalp anyway.
There are however times when emotions strike at the most inopportune of times, causing a sweaty situation that would make a shiny scalp obvious. Always be mindful to have something to wipe it off such as a handkerchief. Not only would it help the scalp look less shiny, it is also an essential piece for any gentleman to have handy.


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