How to Shave Your Head

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how to shave your head

how to shave your headOK so you’ve decided to shave your head. You might be losing your hair and wanting to go for the sporty look or you might be doing it in preparation for scalp micropigmentation. You might just be wanting to make a personal statement. Whatever way how difficult can it be to just shave it all off? Here are some tips on how to shave your head:

Trim first, shave later

Actually it’s not that difficult and you can certainly do most of it yourself without two much trouble as long as you follow some basic rules. The first of these is obvious for anyone who’s tried to shave a long beard off – trim it first!

The shorter the hair is the easier it is to shave so this is where you might want to enlist some help from your barber in trimming it as short as possible. Alternatively, you can do it yourself with some clippers, if you have them.

Get a decent razor

When it comes to the shaving tool itself don’t skimp. Get something decent like a Gillette Fusion which will shave closely and then make sure you really wet your head with as hot water as you can stand for as long as possible.

Maybe leave a hot wet towel on your head for a few minutes. When that’s complete you’re ready apply some lubricant (cream, gel or oil all work) and start actually shaving.

Always go for the easiest-to-shave parts first as that’ll give the lubricant and heat time to work on the tougher parts. Take your time! It’s much better to go over each part once than keep redoing it because you’re missing chunks. This will just end up causing nicks and irritation. Eventually you should end up with a nice smooth scalp.

Keep the alcohol away

Don’t just leave it there though. A bit of final TLC is required to complete the job. You can just have a good wash with soap and water and then splash on cold water or if there’s any irritation then maybe a soothing balm. Don’t use anything with alcohol though as that’ll just dry the skin.


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