How To Reduce Shine On Your SMP’d Head

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Among the list of items for discussion on our forum, how to reduce shine is a regular. We take a look at the solutions used by our members.


Taking The Shine Off

Head shine. It is one of those things isn’t it? As a balding man you will have been subjected to the “classic” joke of a so-called friend pretending to be blinded by the reflection of bright lights off your scalp. A joke that has presumably been doing the rounds since the development of electric light, and maybe a lot longer.

For HIS Hair Clinic clients taking the shine away can become, for some, a real focus. Particularly in the early days following treatment, while they are getting used to having a new hairline, and possibly stressing about whether or not all those family, friends and co-workers are colluding in a pretence of not noticing. After a while, those concerns subside as their confidence grows. For a few, what remains are relatively trifling concerns about specific situations. For example, someone who works under bright lights can become quite fixated on how the 2D nature of SMP reflects the light when compared to a natural buzz cut full head of hair. In fact, when shaved as close as the SMP represents that natural head of buzz cut hair will reflect light in the exactly the same way… but we understand why these clients want to reduce this effect. So here we offer some of the collected wisdom gathered from our forum members contributions.

Stop That Shine

These solutions are offered in no particular order, all have their fans and some experimentation might be required to find which works best for you.

Let’s start by recognising that the big industry players will all sell you products that contain “anti-shine” properties, usually in the form of cleansers. Here are a couple that have been recommended by our members.

Anthony Logistics For Men – Uses silicon dioxide to diffuse the light apparently.

Jack Black – All Day Oil-Control Lotion – Loved by some and a Mens Health Award Winner for best oil control moisturiser.

Matte For Men – Their “Complete Head Care Lotion” is also offers SPF25 sun protection.. a serious consideration for bald men everywhere.

Kyoku Men Oil Control Lotion – We are not huge fans of pseudo science, and this product comes with a big dose… they call it “oil lifting technology.” This does have some big fans however and so makes our list.

Milk of Magnesia – Moving into some more everyday, and extremely cheap, solutions for shine we offer M0M. Quickly applied throughout the day many swear by it.

Diatomaceous Earth – A new one to us until a highly respected forum member, Bald Ego, brought it to our attention. This remarkable, naturally occurring, sedimentary rock crumbles to a fine white powder with interesting properties. Mainly silicon, which is the base for most anti-shine products, it should be on your list to check out.

HIS Hair Clinic

The forum is a wonderful place to gather this kind of intel. You can even use the personal messaging (PM) platform to quiz posters for more detail… while you can read the forum without registering you would need to put in your details to access the PM platform. Click here to see the forum.

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