Here’s why a combover is never a good idea

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Here's why a combover is never a good idea

Here's why a combover is never a good ideaDespite the instant cringe-effect just the mention of a combover has, it’s surprising just how many men use them to attempt to cover up their balding locks.

Trying to disguise the problem initially is a common option, particularly if you’re saving up for a more permanent solution. However, a combover is never an ideal option. So, why should you never attempt this cringeworthy style and what alternatives are out there?

The trouble with the combover

Perhaps the biggest problem with the combover, despite the fact it looks ridiculous, is that it doesn’t actually cover the problem. Instead, it highlights the baldness and makes it even more noticeable.

You’re basically attempting to teach the hair to grow across the head, rather than downwards. The result of this is that the strands of the hair end up looking limp and wiry. The parting of the hair also usually needs to be moved, which in turn makes the head look a lot larger, as well as the balding spot.

So, as you can see, it’s a really bad idea to opt for this “cover-up” procedure. But what other options do you have?

Understanding the more effective, stylish options

There are treatment options out there which offer a more stylish and effective solution. Take SMP for example.
Scalp MicroPigmentation is a fantastic, affordable procedure which leaves you with a very stylish shaved look. Really tiny pigments are inserted into the top layer of the scalp, usually over two-three sessions. Once finished, they appear like hair follicles, creating a freshly shaved style.

There are hundreds of different coloured pigments available, ensuring 100% natural looking results. The treatment isn’t painful, it lasts for up to a year before it starts to fade and it’s much more affordable than a hair transplant.

Overall, thinning hair can be hard to accept, but before you attempt to cover it with a combover, consider the more stylish option of treatments such as SMP.


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