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Not too much nice gets written about Harry Styles, he gets the traditional tabloid treatment of any young man in the spotlight. So it is heartwarming to read that he has made a significant contribution to one of our favourite charities, the Little Princess Trust. His trademark hair.


Harry And His Hair History

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It is fair to say Harry has led something of a charmed life since failing his X Factor audition. He would be invited back, with four other boys who had also failed to cut the mustard as solo performers, to audition again as a boy band… the razor sharp pop eye (that sounds a little odd) of Simon Cowell had seen the opportunity to bring them together and the legend of pop that is One Direction was born.

Harry was front and centre, the one the girls went crazy for. On a personal front he was snapped stepping out with a succession of poplets and Hollywood A listers. Central to Harry’s style were his flowing locks.

Hairier and Hairier

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He shocked everyone last December when, in an interview on the US Late Late Show, these days hosted by bubbly Brit James Corden, he announced that he was growing his hair out in order to donate it to the Little Princess Charity. Cue mass hysteria among young girls and picture editors everywhere as the first image of a hairless Harry is anticipated.

The Little Princess Charity

Little Princess Trust

This wonderful UK charity has a mission to create real hair wigs for children suffering from cancer, though over the years they have expanded their work to help children with other hair loss problems. Their work makes a profound difference to these unfortunate kids and the publicity that will no doubt come from Harry promoting them will come as a great boost. It is well deserved given their commitment to this emotionally challenging work… and if they didn’t do it, nobody would.

The Final Cut

Five months down the line from that interview with Corden news reaches us that the moment has come. Harry, or more likely a professional, has cut his hair and it is on it’s way to the charity. This is great news of course, tempered by the fact that until he shows a picture of his new look there will be tens of millions of teenage girls on edge… right in the middle of exam season too.

Seriously, we applaud Harry’s magnificent contribution to raising awareness of this charity and their great work. We are sure it will only lead to their being able to help even more children in the future.




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