Has The Answer To Hair Loss Been Found?

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A seemingly huge leap in our ability to control hair loss has been announced, could it lead to a true cure?



We have to start in a pretty scientific place on this one, it is an undoubtedly 21st Century story with it’s roots in the modern arts of microbiology at it’s current leading edge.

Mitochondria are beautiful little pieces of biological engineering, you can find them at the heart of every single living cell where they will be busy producing the energy required for the cell to do its job. Interestingly, the DNA that creates mitochondria are only inherited from your mother… it means that scientists can study your mitochondrial DNA to look at your ancestry with small mutations serving as markers. 

Mitochondria have long been associated with the ageing process and the diseases that go with ageing including cancer and diabetes.

Controlling The Ageing Process

After inducing ageing in the cells of mice, using an antobiotic called doxycycline, a team at the University of Alabama observed a mutation in the mitochondria that accelerated ageing. Within just a few weeks the mice had lost hair and developed wrinkles… as well as becoming generally lethargic as you do when you get old.

By switching off the mutation, using the reliable technique of stopping the supply of doxycycline, a truly remarkable thing happened… the mice returned to their former state. That’s right! They regrew their hair, the wrinkles disappeared and they all got their mojo back.

HIS Hair Clinic

This immediately stuck us all here at HIS HQ as one of the most meaningful hair loss cure stories we have seen. We know that his is years away from a treatment but the discovery that there is a mechanism for controlling the power of the mitochondria to manage our ageing is nothing short of incredible. We find ourselves thinking ahead, beyond hair loss (which is a rare moment for us), to a world where people no longer have to age. Hmmm.

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