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A short while back the German Society of Dermatologists took a long hard look at hair restoration. We take a look.


Hair Restoration

In a report that was eventually published in 2011 the German Society of Dermatologists set out to achieve something not seen before. Their noble ambition was to provide the medical profession with some solid information on which to base their advice to hair loss sufferers, specifically sufferers of androgenetic alopecia, that inherited form which affects over half of all adults and is currently incurable.


Using a set of criteria they examined the pros and cons of all the principal hair loss treatments on the market. So with separate consideration for each treatment in regard to men and women, and based on a range of attributes, for example the ability to prevent progression was considered along with safety, the quality of the evidence available and the improvement offered.


The notable high score for hair restoration came in the quality of the evidence available. Because it is an invasive surgery the work is performed by a qualified, and heavily regulated, surgeon. With everything reported there is plenty of data on which to draw meaningful conclusions. As might be expected it scored a zero for it’s ability to halt progression of the hair loss but shaded both minoxidil and finasteride for it’s ability to improve the appearance. One last observation was that in terms of safety a transplant was considered less safe than finasteride, which in turn is more risky than minoxidil.

It’s Different For Girls

There was a note of caution for women in the report. For women the ability to improve appearance was only rated as high as the only FDA approved medication. This is due to the nature of hair loss for women, who tend to see their hair thin across the top of the head. Men will usually lose hair at their hairline which slowly creeps backwards. It is an easier task for the surgeon to replace that hairline than it is for him to fill in thinning hair.

HIS Hair Clinic

We applaud the spirit and work of the German dermatologists who saw the need for this report. Giving doctors and dermatologists support through this understanding of the various stages of hair loss aligned with the most effective options for treatment is a great tool for the profession. Just as importantly to us here at HIS HQ it is always good to see the medical profession batting for hair loss sufferers everywhere. You can see their original report here.

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