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In an unusual move, at least to us and the hair loss industry, a large number of hair transplant surgeons have combined to fund some research aimed at delivering a brand new hair loss treatment. We just had to look closer. 



Under the name HairClone, a large number of hair transplant surgeons have collaborated to underwrite research into an original technique aimed at improving the lot of the average hair transplant patient, by raising the bar on the amount of bald scalp they can take on almost regardless of the quantity and quality of the donor area.

It’s a novel course of action, akin to the tail wagging the dog… but we applaud the clarity of purpose and their inclination not to wait for some science lab to come up with something on their behalf. 

In their cross-hairs is addressing the most common form of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia. Better known as male (or female) pattern hair loss it is the type that comes, inevitably, with age at the precise moment our genetics dictate… while there are some medications that can, for some, stave off the advance there remains no meaningful cure. 


The intention is to perfect the techniques required to be able to take a few cells, from an area on the scalp not affected by the hair loss, from the patient, in a simple and swift outpatient procedure. These cells then have the potent cells isolated and these, in turn, are multiplied in the laboratory before being re-injected back into the patient’s scalp. Where it is hoped they will settle and become healthy growing hairs. 

There are also plans to develop a bio-bank in early 2019, where patients will be invited to store a small number of hair follicles for some future use… a bit like freezing eggs with the same idea. 

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We realize the project is designed to end up providing these surgeons with additional income from being able to exclusively deliver the new treatment, indeed that this is the principal objective. Nevertheless, is successful they will bring into reach a whole rank of potential clients that are currently beyond their help. So, while not a cure for hair loss it is possibly an important addition to the choices available in the near future. 

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