Hair Loss Sufferer Says Wig Changed His Life

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George Windsor, a 23 year old from Cannock in the UK, has featured in a BBC article sharing his story of how a wig changed his life.


Early Hair Loss

It’s hard not to feel for George Windsor, a young man who began to lose his hair following the death of his mother. The sudden release of huge amounts of stress hormones can have a devastating effect on many of the body’s systems. In that stressed state decisions are made about which of your systems are considered vital and resources devoted to them… unfortunately you have no conscious input on those decisions, or else you would get the chance to argue the case for the protection of your hair follicles. As it is they are among the very first processes to be starved of supply… although other processes can be starved at exactly the same time it is the relative speed with which your hair normally grows that means it can be an effective early warning system for any number of ailments.

George’s story

George tells us that he began to lose his hair three months after the death of his mother, initially he noticed extra hairs in the plughole and on his comb. Quickly it became obvious to George that rather than a simple case of increased shedding he was experiencing something more long term and dramatic.

Like many young men he chose not to accept his fate. he got along to a clinic where his condition was ascertained to be permanent and untreatable leaving him only with cosmetic options. George decided that a transplant was not for him, to our enormous relief –  it can be a lifetime commitment to go through a transplant as a young man, with additional treatments in the future guaranteed to avoid a strange appearance developing through further hair loss. Or the prospect of slowly appearing scar tissue as your remaining hair becomes every more sparse.

George’s Solution

George went with a hair system, albeit a fancy one where the system is attached to a “second skin”. The transformation in appearance available to a hair system wearer is second to none.. it is still the only way to return yourself to your previous state… though most choose to go for an improved version. The downsides are numerous, too many to list here – but revolve around restrictions to lifestyle and the stress associated with the potential for discovery.

HIS Hair Clinic

We are always happy to read about young men who have faced up to their hair loss and done something about it which has left them in a better, happier, place. So we are delighted for George. The great news about a hair system is that it still leaves the door wide open at any point to go back and choose again… this time for a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, this would have given George a sharp contemporary look without any of the stress or the chunky maintenance costs. You can see the original BBC article here, it features a short video showing George wearing his system… there absolutely no doubting the additional confidence it gives him.

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