Hair Loss second most common issue for patients with body dysmorphic disorder

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Body Dysmorphic disorder, BDD, is a chronic anxiety disorder that affects the individuals perception of themselves.

This mental disorder is a somatoform disorder that can only be treated by professional medical help. This would come in the form of therapy and antidepressants known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

Hair loss can be depressing and cause anxiety for many individuals but for those with BDD it has a far wider effect. It takes time and patience to change their beliefs and this can only be done by determining the underlying cause. If this can be established there is a chance that the hair will grow and resume its normal growth pattern and if not it could have brought on pattern baldness, a genetic form of hair loss that would have happened at some stage in their life.

Low self-esteem can happen to anyone and is often brought about by stress and anxiety and for many this can be controlled but for the minority it develops into a more serious condition and is not to be taken lightly. BDD is a recognised mental illness that can be treated over time and as this illness is brought under control hair might naturally grow back on its own.

Diet is an important factor in both mental and body health as it is important for it to get the essential nutrients that are required for the whole body. Ensuring plenty of protein, vitamins and sufficient iron are absorbed into the body through diet will help the body and mind to work properly. Supplements are available and are often used alongside propecia and minoxidil as boosters and recommended by hair consultants.

Over the period of many years more has been learnt about how the body and mind work together and how to keep healthy. It may mean blood tests are required to ensure there are no further underlying causes the loss of hair such as thyroid problems.

Finding the right treatment for an individual is not undertaken lightly and nor should it be. Hair is an important part of an individual’s image and lack of it can cause damage to self-esteem although it causes no damage to the body. Having said that, when the body is damaged or not working properly it is the hair that suffers.

There are other ways in which to help cover temporary hair loss such as thinning and that is to choose a new hairstyle. For women this is particularly advantageous and can make the hair look thicker with a good cut and colour that is non-invasive. Regular treatment of hair for both men and women cannot only improve the condition of hair but also how they feel.

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