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Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenetti waded into the discussion following the appearance of Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy advisor, on US show Face the Nation…. without his usual spray on hair covering the extent of his baldness. 


Stephen Miller

Wiki describes Stephen Miller as a far-right political activist, which qualifies him well to be President Trump’s senior strategy advisor. Not that this President seems to need, or want, much advice. The job seems to primarily involve being interviewed while defending Trump policies. Last Sunday he made an appearance on the CBS show Face the Nation. He was, on this occasion defending Trump’s determination to build a wall along the US Mexico border and underlining the reasons he feels it is an absolute necessity. Apparently without the wall America runs the risk of being no longer a sovereign country. 

In just a few days the budget, which pays for all public services in the US, will need to be signed off. President Trump is threatening to refuse to sign that budget unless the money for building his wall, estimated at around $5B, is included in it, with the implicit threat that he will force a government shutdown. Many in the States decry his position on the budget as potentially damaging the lives of millions of Americans. 

Surprise Appearance

Milller, the President’s man, was on national television defending one of the President’s more divisive campaign promises, so far so good and nothing really to be seen here… some might have been upset or shocked, others will have been cheering him to the rafters. What stopped it being a bog standard run of the mill interview was that Miller appeared to have been a few minutes short on his normal preparation time. Instead of appearing, as he always does (and had earlier that day) with pronounced hair loss at the temples with a peninsula of hair covering the front of his pate, Sunday evening saw him without that peninsular… it was certainly a striking difference and made it plain that the peninsular was achieved using a spray on product.


There was, as there was always going to be, a huge reaction to what came out of Miller’s mouth as he blamed left-wing activist judges for encouraging vulnerable people to come to our country… and so indirectly blaming those judges for the death of a 7-year-old girl shortly after arriving at the border and being taken into custody. 

But it was the reaction to his sudden change in appearance that caught our attention, and we were not the only ones. Michael Avenetti, celebrity lawyer, tucked in with a tweet which read “I’m going to leave this right here and not comment, with one exception @StephenMillerAL – just let it go already. Of all the cover-up options spray-on is THE WORST (sic.). Columnist Howard Sherman, obviously trying to remind people to stay focused on what was being said, added his voice, “Let’s stay focused on what really matters OK?” Screenwriter Randi Mayern singer said “To be fair, I don’t just mock Stephen Miller’s ghastly appearance. I make sure to mock his middling intellect, expansive hatred and abhorrent policy stances too”. 

HIS Hair Clinic

Spray on hair or fibers are a popular method for covering hair loss, one that gives users an extended life to their diminishing hairline by filling in the gaps. Of course they need maintenance through the day and are vulnerable to sweat etc. Clearly issues for a busy man like Stephen Miller. Whether he made a concious decision to go without or simply ran out of time (or left the spray can in the car) we will never know. What we do know is that it will be difficult for him to appear wearing the hair again without being subjected to more ridicule. 

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