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Hair loss is an all too common problem, as we age the genes we inherited will dictate at what point our hair starts to recede. But what can young sufferers do about it?


Hair Loss In Numbers


The stats around hair loss can make depressing reading. 50% of all women will suffer and 80% of men by their 80th birthday… to be fair there is probably an expectation of baldness by that age, at least it is hard to imagine that your sense of self worth or fitting in is likely to be significantly impacted by then. More worrying might be that a huge 40% will evidence noticeable hair loss by the relatively tender age of 35. So if nearly half of us are destined to be noticeably bald  by our mid thirties there would seem to be a rite of passage taking place, the sense of passing from one period of our lives towards another, older, one. Surely it is this feeling that is at the heart of the negativity that hair loss can provoke in us.

Spare a thought then for those people who go through that experience at a much earlier age, one where it is impossible to see it as anything other than a hideously mistimed event that can leave the sufferer feeling socially adrift, separate from their own crowd. The American Hair Loss Association estimates that 25% of men affected by hair loss will begin to show the first signs before their 21st birthday… now that is a shocking number, equivalent to 10% of all sufferers. So what can these young men, this type of early onset hereditary baldness mainly affects men, do about the condition… the fact is there are options, though statistics tell us that men are less than half as likely to seek medical help than women in the same situation.

Young, Gifted And Bald

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So if you should discover that you are losing hair as a young person what should you do? The first port of call should be your doctor, he or she will be able to rule out a number of conditions that feature hair loss as a symptom. Once you have isolated genetic hair loss as your problem there are a number of things you can do straight away that will make a difference. First is your diet, you need to get onto a balanced healthy diet and cut out your bad habits. There is a huge range of tasty nutrient rich foods that fit the bill and there is no reason why you should feel restricted or bored by the new food regime.

It is also worth researching natural remedies, choosing the right essential oil for your skin and hair type can improve the general condition of both scalp and hair.

Then there are the FDA approved medications, talk to your doctor or pharmacist as there are contra-indicators and while they are a lifetime commitment they can halt hair loss, in some cases even go some little way towards reversing the effect.

Finally there are interventions like transplantation and Scalp Micropigmentation. You would not expect us to say anything other than SMP gives a carefree and on-trend option for young men, but that does not mean it is not a fact and a treatment which has positively changed thousands of lives for the better.

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