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Hair loss sufferer Paul Bowen decided honesty was the best policy and won plenty of admirers along the way…


First Dates Hotel

First Dates Hotel is a popular UK TV show which brings singles together on a series of first dates during a stay at a lovely Italian hotel. It is delivered with an amusing narration and a lively set of characters surrounding the would-be couples. Fred, the haughty French maitre d, is ably assisted by his team of waiters and their comments are edited in for added mirth. Enough is revealed about each single for the viewer to become engaged and, hopefully, invested in whether or not they achieve happiness with one of the others. Some of the singles arrive with tragic back stories, others have made the show by dint of sparkling, or at least amusing, personalities. The result is a very watchable slice of reality television.

Paul Bowen

Paul was introduced to the show as a 28 year old piemaker from Lancashire. He shared his experience of having suffered from significant hair loss at a young age – “By 20 years old it was pretty much gone.” he told the show, broadcast on Channel 4. He went on “So I went to this clinic and said I was thinking of a hair transplant, but he said “Sorry Paul you’re too late for a hair transplant it’s too far gone. The only option for you is a non-surgical hair piece and I just went “A (bleeping) wig!”

He went on to describe some of his bad experiences as a young bald man attempting to engage with the opposite sex and it was hard not to have some sympathy with his decision… with the sort of reservations you might expect from the HIS HQ team for any man who has gone the route of a hair system.

First Date Success

Paul went on his first date with Kimmie, a 30 year old blonde. Paul bought up the subject of his hair loss pretty much straight away – showing Kimmie a picture of himself with the system but being reassured he looked great both ways. In the post-date review Kimmie referenced Paul’s honesty as one of the reasons she agreed to see him again – which is nice.

HIS Hair Clinic

While we were pleased for Paul that Kimmie had no problem with his hair loss, or with his hair system solution, the reaction of viewers was what really caught our attention. The couple, and Paul in particular, were overwhelmed with supportive messages. Indeed, it was the first time we have seen a wave of demands from viewers for a more recent update than the one usually offered at the end of each show… a binary outcome based around whether or not the couple had agreed to go on a second date. To be fair to the producers, that would have to be a different show altogether.

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