Hair Loss Cure Salesman Has 10 Year Jail Sentence Confirmed

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Kevin Trudeau, familiar to millions for his TV adverts in the US, finally exhausted his options for appeal and will now serve 10 years in a federal prison.


A History Of Mis-Selling


Kevin Trudeau became a well-known face to American audiences with his late night adverts for miracle cures, but he didn’t stop there. Not satisfied with purporting to provide cures for anything from hair loss to cancer he would go on to offer products like his “Mega Memory System”, a must have for anyone who wanted a photographic memory but hadn’t been born with one.

This sophisticated suite of tv adverts, flashy websites and pushy YouTube videos were not would eventually bring him down. Though they did land him in plenty of hot water with the Federal Trade Commission. Between 1998 and 2004 the Commission would impose a total of $2.5M worth of fines. But they were far from finished with him. The regulators also imposed a lifetime ban on Trudeau “to shut down an infomercial empire that has misled American consumers for years”.

The Final Straw

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Among the raft of measures they took against him was a consent order over promoting his book “The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You To Know” which advocated starvation diets and injections of prescription drugs among other very bad ideas for achieving weight loss. This would come back to haunt him when in 2013 a Chicago jury convicted him of criminal contempt for promoting the said book in an infomercial. He was sentenced to 10 years.

This week saw him make one last desperate pitch to take his case to the Supreme Court, on the grounds that his recklessness was not enough to meet the required wilful nature of contempt. It took the three judges at the Appeal Court a very short period of time to throw out his argument and send him back to Federal Prison to complete his sentence, with no avenue available to him for further appeal. In the end they were satisfied that the repetitive nature of his offending meant there was no room for appeal and that the sentence of 10 years was entirely appropriate.

HIS Hair Clinic


The world of hair loss has always been prone to charlatans like Trudeau, such is the heartfelt desire of sufferers to find a solution to their problem. There will always be a market for quackery, sad but true.

We greet the news of his long term incarceration and very public fall from grace with relish. The fact that he has also seen his amassed fortune sent out to misled customers in the form of partial refund checks also means that for once my Nan was right… cheats don’t prosper. Or at least this one didn’t.

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