Hair Loss An Issue For New Mothers

General Hair Loss

Post Partum hair loss is more common than you might think, and strikes at a time when morale can be low. Here’s what you need to know.


Happy And Hairy


Pregnancy. Nothing quite like it for really sending your body’s systems into a spiral. Hormones can feel out of control leading to feelings of being on an emotional rollercoaster at times, appetites change completely, blemishes, bloating… the list can seem endless. underlying these and many other changes are  the long list of hormones released during pregnancy. The good news is that while those hormones are capable of wreaking havoc elsewhere in your life, when it comes to your hair they are an absolute boon. Density and thickness of the individual hair can improve, sometimes dramatically.

Post Pregnancy

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Of course the moment you deliver your baby/babies everything changes. By those final few weeks the pregnancy has become incredibly demanding on your body and its resources. This has passed unnoticed if you are just looking at the hair, which has been protected by the high levels of pregnancy hormones. After the delivery those hormone levels come crashing down, all at once. This is why, at around 3 months after delivery, those levels can actually dip below their pre-pregnancy norms. There are a range of symptoms, some far more serious than hair loss. But it is hair loss on top of everything else, including running around after a baby, that can make it a thoroughly depressing experience at a time when a young mother can be suffering with feelings of a poor self-image.

Top Tips


There are things that can be done to mitigate the effects of the hormone roller-coaster. It starts with eating well, and if you are pregnant there are specific pre natal vitamin supplements on the market. Take extra care when shampooing, which should be done only when necessary… which is probably the routine for most young mums anyway. Use a good conditioner and comb gently with a large toothed comb. Beware of tight buns… go for scrunchies. Finally, resist any temptation to blow-dry or iron the hair, or use chemical based treatments like dye or perms.

HIS Hair Clinic


The good news is that however aggressive your post-partum hair loss appears, you can safely wager that by the time you are celebrating the first birthday things will have returned to normal.

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