Hair Loss – 6 Things You Must Stop Doing

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What can I do? It is a reasonable and normal reaction to discovering hair loss. A better question might be what should I stop doing? We offer some thoughts.


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Whether it is hairs on your pillow, or in the plughole, noticing it yourself while grooming, or maybe the worst of all… having it pointed out to you by friend or foe. We all remember the moment we discovered that the hair we had grown to love was no longer playing the game. The discovery will affect people differently. Some will carry on regardless, not bothered in the slightest. For some though, especially younger sufferers, it is a catastrophic experience.


For those sufferers who decide they need to do something about it there are no shortage of options, or access to them. Within 24 hours of discovering your hair loss the internet can show you dozens of alternative methods, from FDA approved drugs to wild-eyed medicine men offering some pretty outrageous “modern” techniques. Then there are the millions of pages written on the benefits of various traditional treatments… from yucca plants and onion juice to cow saliva and pigeon poo (we have seen them all).

Here we offer a simpler list, of things that you should cut out of your lifestyle to achieve healthier hair.

1 – Stop combing or brushing your hair when wet. A simple piece of advice but the hair is at its weakest when wet and pulling on it with the teeth of a comb or brush can be damaging. Instead use your fingers to tease out the worst and then wait for the hair to dry to brush properly.

2 – Stop eating junk food. Or at the very least make sure you get the balance and intake of vitamins our hair needs. Vitamins A and E are essential. So plenty of nuts and seeds would be a simple way to introduce a snack that ticks the boxes.

3 – Stop ignoring your scalp. Treat your scalp to a regular massage, you can use essential oils like almond which are thought to help hair follicles remain healthy.

4 – Don’t be lazy. Physical exercise is good for what ails you, and this is definitely true for hair loss. Exercise will improve your circulation and reduce the amount of stress hormones in your system… both of which are beneficial to healthy hair.

5 – Do not ignore home remedies. It is understandable that many will head for the pharmacy and start using one of the two FDA approved products, though some are put off by the warning label on a product that is a lifelong commitment. Whether you use them or not you should still consider some of the traditional home remedies, typically these are mixtures based on ingredients recognised as having beneficial properties like garlic and onion… you will of course want to rinse thoroughly after use.

6 – Stop smoking. Enough said.

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A healthy scalp is something we should all aspire to and do something about. This is never more true than for those who have been right through the balding process and find themselves with advanced hair loss… where the scalp is permanently on show. But even those with a full head of hair, currently, should be mindful of their scalp health and its potential for impact on their hair.

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts simply complete the contact form at the side of this page, or click here to find your nearest clinic.



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