Hair Health Changes We Should All Make

General Hair Loss

Hair is a great barometer for our general health, it follows then that there are simple changes we can all make to our routine which can improve the quality and appearance of our hair. 


Hair Health

It is not something that many of us give much thought to, until it presents as a problem. Whether that is in the form of actual hair loss or, as in many cases, some passing health issue that has triggered either increased shedding or a general dip in the quality of our hair, or quite possibly both. 

Invariably, on discovering a problem with our hair, of any kind, the reaction is shock and an urgent need to understand what needs to be done. These days that can be facilitated by the internet, though anyone trying to find good information on hair loss for the first time will probably need to be an experienced navigator of search engines. There are simply so many sites, thousands of them, that serve no purpose other than to gather the traffic of people searching hair loss and direct it to sites aiming to sell them something. Of course what is needed is simple sound advice, of the sort your Nan might have offered – if she had the benefit of a deep understanding on the progress of science across so many aspects of the hair growth cycle. 

The fact is that the mass of recently accrued understanding has really only served to improve our appreciation of just how complex the hair growth cycle is. Hundreds of genes are involved along with chemical pathways and interactions that are just mind-boggling in their sophistication. So while the key, or keys, to controlling hair loss remains as elusive to us as it was to the ancient Egyptians who first documented their efforts, the understanding of how our lifestyle impacts on our hair health is something we can offer definitive advice on.

Healthy Hair Habits

It will come as no surprise that top of the list comes smoking,  it has an immediate negative effect on the quality of our hair and, since it leads to premature ageing and an impaired immune system, will result  in arriving at your pre-destined genetically defined point of balding at an earlier age than necessary. 

Improving your diet and exercise regime will provide an instant boost. When it comes to hair, you are most definitely what you eat. It is possible to examine hair and establish what the owner has had in their diet… so it is easily grasped that the effect of a good, balanced diet will result in healthy looking hair. A good exercise regime is essential to maintain effective blood-flow which is vital for follicles to maintain their predicted growth cycle. 

When it comes to lifestyle there is one aspect, in particular, that is hard to manage. Stress seems an inevitable part of modern life, whether it is provided by work, relationships, family, cash, or something as simple as too much email, the list of candidates seem endless. The more stressful your lifestyle the more essential it is that you take action to balance yourself… exercise works for many, but so do masssages, saunas, TM, listening to music etc. Find your happy place and visit it regularly.

Finally, on our fundamental list of primary actions, comes the harsh chemicals so often used to treat hair. Whether in a salon or using DIY kits we do all sorts of terrible things to our hair. Making better choices around styling and treating our hair involves reading labels more carefully and avoiding those that will do you harm. Stick to natural ingredients and you will not go far wrong. 

HIS Hair Clinic

In our superfast, super-connected world it becomes ever more difficult to simply find the time to do anything. But the importance of taking these four actions, not all will be required by everybody, matters to our wider wellbeing. By improving how we take care of ourselves we give our hair, regardless of genetics, it’s very best chance to be the best it can be. 

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete our contact form on this page or click here to find your nearest clinic. 


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