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The cost of treating hair loss can be excessive, particularly when you start looking at the cost of top drawer hair systems, or talking to hair transplant surgeons. We take a look at the benefits of nature’s most potent panacea, sleep.


Cost Of Ownership Issues


$83.1 Billion. The sum total of expected global spending on hair care this year. Fair to say we take our hair seriously. But here at HIS HQ we understand that nobody takes their hair more seriously than someone who has just discovered they are losing it. We also know that the costs associated with taking on your hair loss can be significant.

The cost of daily applications of minoxidil, or ingestion of propecia, come at a price – and of course it is a price you are committed to paying forever. No doubt that is a price most are willing to pay to prevent further hair loss. For those whose hair loss has already reached the point where something needs to be done the popular options are transplantation or hair systems. A really good, Hollywood standard if you will, hair system costs thousands to buy and will require regular maintenance… which also comes at a price. We don’t need to tell you it costs a lot to put yourself into the hands of a surgeon.

Sleep Yourself To Wellbeing


The good news is that simply by adding an hour of sleep to your nightly routine you can bring substantial benefits to your health. Not least your hair health. Sleep is when the levels of growth hormones shoot up, which in turn enhances the number of follicles at the growth stage, it can also prolong that growth stage.

The news that sleep is tied closely to health should come as no surprise, studies have consistently identified links between a lack of sleep and all manner of serious health problems, up to and including heart attacks. In one study researchers inflicted the sleep patterns of a shift worker on ten young healthy volunteers, with just four days they were exhibiting blood glucose levels that marked them out as pre-diabetic.

Less attention is paid to the benefits of more sleep. They can include an improved sex life, better concentration, improved memory and  a stronger immune system… it can even help manage chronic pain. How much would you pay for a pill that promised to do all those things?


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