Forget the hype – real and practical steps to prevent hair loss

General Hair Loss

There are different causes for hair loss. Hereditary traits are a sure way to receive this condition. There are other ways however where contributory causes to hair loss may be avoided. Forget snake oil salesmen for a moment, and let’s focus on what you can do (in the real world) to perhaps keep your hair for a little while longer.
Stress is one of the main causes. One must always remember to have good mental health. Poor nutrition is a factor as well as an unhealthy lifestyle. Eating, drinking and sleeping right could prevent this. In addition to knowing what to avoid, one might also want to follow a care and maintenance routine for their hair.
Preventing hair loss

Your hair needs care

Hair loss can be delayed and maybe even prevented through proper care. One would like to reduce the likelihood of its progression. Avoid blow dryers, crimpers and methods to give it a perm whether it is temporary or long term. The heat as well as pulling hair in unnatural directions may result in brittleness. Dyeing one’s hair might be an unnecessary exercise. The dyeing agents bombard your hair with harmful chemicals which can reduce its lustre and shine. Try to avoid doing this if possible as well. Also, make sure that hair is properly washed and cleaned. Brush hair only when it is dry.

Nourish your hair

The saying “health is wealth” is an absolute truth. One can do a lot more with a healthy body than the opposite. Hair is no different. It derives its nutrients from the body and it will show through a healthy sheen of thick strands of hair. Eating fruits and vegetables is a good way to achieve this. Make sure to include Iron, Protein, Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids, Biotin and Zinc to your diet. Conversely, avoid dieting that provides very few calories. Hair needs to be nourished and eating less might not give it the daily essentials it requires. One may also want to take supplements in case it is difficult to incorporate these in their daily diet. Saw palmetto is a wonderful supplement that encourages hair growth.

Manage your stress as effectively as possible

Anxiety and restlessness have no place in one’s mind. It can affect one’s daily performance and wreak havoc on their physique. The effects of stress will not spare healthy hair. It can cause it to weaken and fall out. Get enough sleep and perform regular physical exercise to counteract stress.

Check for thinness of hair

One may know if hair is thinning through a “tug test”. Take a clump of about twenty to thirty hairs and give it a firm pull. If more than five hairs come out simultaneously then it may be a sign of thinning hair. It is not however, a conclusive indication of the condition. It is quite a normal for one to lose a few strands of hair a day. It is recommended to approach a doctor to have a confirmatory consultation.

Hair loss treatment

Prevention is better than the best cure. If there is already an onset of hair loss however, one must find ways to halt it in its tracks. One hopes that hair loss can be reversed through adequate forms of treatment. There is a wealth of them out in the market.
There are specialised hair loss shampoos and other topical solutions to treat this condition. Medication such as Propecia and Rogaine may be taken as a next step. One must however be aware of their potential side effects. Hair transplants are also available in the form of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or the strip method. A more complicated version of this is follicular unit extraction (FUE). One of the best methods however, is scalp micropigmentation. This method allows one to have the illusion of hair onto their scalp. The recovery period is short and the results are immediate and almost 100% certain. For more information about scalp micropigmentation please see this page.


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