First New Hair Loss Treatment For A Decade

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Exciting news from Italy reaches us that we may be about to see the first new treatment for hair loss in over a decade. We look closer. 



Cassiopea is an Italian company set up in 2013 with the stated aim of bringing new treatments to market. Today, they have four “unencumbered clinical candidates” for the topical treatment of acne, androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and genital warts. Their intention was and remains to identify, develop and commercialise these treatments. 

Results To Date

Their most advanced treatment, in terms of clinical trials, is Clascoterone which has achieved the important milestone of reaching clinical endpoints in its two Phase III clinical trials. FDA approval for this important and much-needed acne drug will be applied for later this year.

Closer to our hearts is their treatment for AGA. They have been developing a topical treatment which works by blocking androgen hormones. In their Phase II trial, they studied 400 men who were applying either the treatment or a placebo for a year. 

After 12 months of treatment, all skin treatment doses outperformed the placebo. As importantly, there were no more adverse events with the treatment than with the placebo. Researchers were able to confirm that the treatment did not affect hormones in the bloodstream.. which might have triggered unwanted side-effects. 

Future Plans

On the back of those excellent Phase II results, Cassiopea has already slated Phase III trials towards the end of this year. In the words of their CEO, Diana Harbort, “The global hair loss market is very large and very underserved with only over-the-counter products and generic therapies available. This product, if approved, could serve a global audience.”

HIS Hair Clinic

We will reserve judgement on its efficacy until we see results from those Phase III trials. But even to have the prospect of a new hair loss treatment going into this advanced trial stage is exciting. Their success with a similar topical treatment, albeit for acne, is encouraging and we wish them every success. 

Cassiopea is by no means the only biotech out there with designs on the hair loss market. Their CEO Harbort’s description of a market that is large and underserved is spot on.  Given that paucity of hair growth solutions that actually work, Another European company, Follicum, are working on their own version. They are targetting the fragments of protein involved in tissue repair, so a very different approach. 

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