Does stress really cause hair loss?

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It’s a common assumption that hair loss can be brought about by high stress levels, but is this actually true? The answer is simple yes and no with some people under stress they may experience biological and physical body changes.

Let’s look at stress with a typical comparison…

A guy mid forties, married, employed, two kids, gets up every day and sees the glass half empty, this guy is a pessimist by nature and who knows anything or everything may go wrong in his day. But it is likely by virtue of his outlook on life, that events are prone to have a negative impact and may accelerate stress in this category of individual.

A guy mid forties, married, employed, two kids, gets up every day and sees the glass half full. This guy is an optimist hence by nature is less vulnerable to be exposed to stress!

But it is important to stress (excuse the pun) everyone is potentially a target of stress which may accelerate a hair loss condition. With such dynamic variables thrown into the mix no wonder the world of beauty – healthcare et al is complex – complicated and in many instances unverifiable and/or even unexplained. Hence with a raft of anomalies ever present it is no wonder when along comes stress unexpectedly on a regular basis.

It is a known medical factor that sufferers of stress may accelerate biological conditions that lead to hair loss.

Now let’s progress to the age groups that are vulnerable to potential hair loss…

Children – Unfortunately and distressingly hair loss is relevant in developing children of all ages, which of course having such a condition at such a young age means that hair therapy and remedial treatment is a must have much in demand solution.

Teenage boys and girls – Yet another age group where hair matters, mainly because 2013 is where we all live in a world where a socially acceptable image is a must have.

Adults (20’s to 30’s) – This is the age bracket where it matters with well over 90 percent of all men and women not wanting to be on the downside receiving end of even one strand of hair loss. Hence people in their twenties and thirties have disposable income that they will be quick to spend if they suffer hair loss due to stress.

Adults (40’s to 50’s) – Mid life is here, and maximum stress is the norm, like husband employed but away a lot on work assignments, wife at home looking after two children in high school and so on. But who in this typical two plus two family unit has hair loss?

Well yes you probably guessed right, it is the husband as he is stressed out working around the clock, much of which time is spent away from home. Then when he does land at home base he gets an ear bashing from the wife moaning that he is always away. No wonder he suffers from acute hair loss. Let’s move along because a strand of my own hair has just landed on the keyboard.

Adults (60’s) – Folks in their sixties are often bright, active and high powered, often mega money earners, so they too care about the need to look good. This age group are very aware that they want to appear in control, take care of health and welfare, keep stress to a minimum because at this age they really do believe that stress accelerates hair loss.


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