Daily Mail round up of health gadgets including space age cure for baldness

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theradome laser hair growth cap

In a recent round up of the latest technological breakthroughs, the Daily Mail looked at musical pillows to help you sleep and speakers that can boost your baby’s brain power, as well as a possible space age solution to hair loss.

theradome laser hair growth capThe Theradome helmet aims to stimulate hair growth, making it thicker and healthier, by directing light energy from 80 lasers. The manufacturers recommend it is worn for 20 minutes, for up to four sessions a week and, as with most hair loss treatments, Theradome can produce better results if it’s started earlier.

A hair loss solution suitable for women

Women suffer from hair loss for a number of reasons but not all hair loss solutions available are suitable for women, which is why Theradome is an exciting breakthrough for female hair loss sufferers. Theradome is cleared by the FDA in America for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women although it may also benefit those that are suffering from hair loss for other reasons.

As with any treatment it is important to see a female hair loss expert to identify the underlying cause as there are a number of medical reasons why you might lose your hair and the underlying health condition may require treatment before any side effects such as hair loss can be reversed.

Hair loss and pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to the changes in hormone levels that affect the hair growth cycle, women typically have much thicker hair. It can then be a concern when you start to see increased hair fall two to three months after you have given birth. This is usually a temporary problem as those hairs that had not entered the resting phase while you were pregnancy now do so. However, some women report that their hair is never the same again after pregnancy and low level laser therapy could be the answer to more lustrous locks.

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