Could these five foods stop hair loss in its tracks?

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Could these five foods stop hair loss in its tracks?

Could these five foods stop hair loss in its tracks?If you have noticed that your hair is thinning and falling out recently, then you are not alone. Male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair loss, estimated to affect up to two thirds of men across the world.

Women also are very likely to experience some form of hair loss in their life, which could be an indicator of sleep deprivation, stress, dietary insufficiencies and warning signs of medical conditions.

Which foods can combat hair loss?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to promote and stimulate natural hair growth from changes in the diet. The following five foods have all been scientifically backed in combating hair loss;

1. Honey; One study found that participants who applied a mixture of 90% honey and 10% water on their scalp every other day for four weeks experienced a reduction in hair loss.

2. Oysters; Oysters are rich in the essential mineral zinc, which is reportedly lower in sufferers of alopecia areata, therefore zinc could play an important role in hair growth.

3. Seaweed; participants of a study who consumed seaweed supplements had a 13% increase in the volume of their hair and a 27% increase in their hair thickness in just four months.

4. Oils; the benefits of hair oiling is known by all, but consuming oils such as pumpkin seed oil, coconut oil and rosemary oil are understood to promote hair growth and protect against loss of proteins. One study gave participants 400mg of pumpkin seed oil per day for six months and found a 40% hair growth increase.

5. Salmon; rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein has been proven multiple times to have beneficial effects on the hair, nails and skin.

What if dietary changes are not reducing my hair loss?

Although each of these foods may actually be beneficial for your overall health, previous hair loss cannot be reversed. If you are worried about your hair loss and it feels excessive to you, then you should consult with a hair loss expert to find the root cause of your hair fall.


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