Could South American Herbs Provide Hair Loss Cure

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Some remarkable claims are coming out of the mountains of Guyana in South America, where a young doctor is working on a herbal hair loss cure.


Dr. Sevanie Williams

Sevanie Williams grew up in the stunning valleys of the Potari-Siparuni highland region. Recognized as the most beautiful part of the country with spectacular mountains and breathtaking waterfalls, it is a place where the indigenous population is familiar with the wealth of herbs the forest has to offer. 

As a young girl, Sevanie would take an arduous trip to school which involved a one hour walk up the mountain each morning and negotiating the slope down all the way home again in the afternoon. She would eventually be offered a scholarship by the government to study medicine in Cuba. But her passion for medicine was instilled in her childhood where she developed a keen interest in plant life, organisms and chemicals, and their composition. She listened intently to her grandmother’s stories of how herbs were used in medicine, including those which were credited with helping with hair loss.

University of Guyana

Fast forward to today and Dr. Sevanie Williams is working with products she has developed herself, based on her grandmothers received wisdom, that can bring hope to hair loss sufferers. Dr. Emmanuel Cummings, Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences, and a local laboratory are working with Dr. Williams to conduct tests and further research but anecdotal reports following tests conducted on her own family members are encouraging. 


It needs to be borne in mind that these are only anecdotal observations, but Dr. Williams describes her grandfather, bald for a long time, started growing hair on his bare patch. Just as remarkably, the hair that he still had, grey for many years, began to show some pigmentation at the roots. 

HIS Hair Clinic

It would be wonderful if the answer to hair loss turned out to be a Guyanese shrub or plant that had just been waiting for millennia for us to discover it. What better proof of Nature’s complete superiority over our attempts to dictate terms. The idea that a humble plant could out-do the legions of researchers and scientists beavering away at the problem, reporting every development as having the potential to finally be the key to the door which reveals the true nature of hair loss and how to combat it.  But it never is. Just another key to another door, behind which are another set of even more challenging questions. 

We will watch Dr. Sevanie Williams and her team of supporters very closely and keep you posted with her progress.

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