Could Christmas be a good thing for your hair? No, really…….

General Hair Loss

So it’s Christmas Eve at the time of writing, and the annual festive panic is setting in. Last minute shopping, forgotten food items, unexpected house calls and phone calls from distant relatives. It’s that time of year when any resemblance of routine goes well and truly out of the window.

Never fear however, because for most people there is a silver lining – the Christmas season could actually be good news for your hair.

How on earth?

There are two major contributors to premature hair loss – stress and poor diet – that have a direct impact on the rate at which you are likely to lose your hair. Depending on how smartly you play the season of giving, these contributors could either work for you or against you over Christmas.

Christmas Dinner

Reduced stress means less hair is lost

Even given the undeniably stressful build-up to the big day, most people experience the most relaxing time of the year once the preparations are made. Rarely does the average person get so much time off work for example, save for a summer holiday or similar. It is also a time when your friends and family are also more likely to be off work, so the time off you enjoy is compounded by the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. The result is usually lower stress levels, despite the manic days and weeks leading up to Christmas.

Poor diet also plays a significant role in hair loss

Primarily due to a fast-paced lifestyle of grabbing food on the go, or due to financial pressures that mean that quality nutrition is compromised. Over the Christmas period despite personal circumstances, most people are able to eat better and consume more nutrients than at any other time of the year. Your food intake might blow every diet and good intention out of the water, but as far as your hair is concerned, the additional nutrients are put to good use.

So have a great Christmas eveyone, and remember that when January comes and you’re short of cash after your festive spending binge, and your clothes all seem just a little tighter than they were before, remember that at least your hair has benefitted from all that excess. See, it’s all good after all 🙂


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