Advice centres for cancer patients suffering hair loss

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Several advice centres have been set up in North Wales for patients who are suffering hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.

While the cancer itself is clearly the primary concern in these situations, the mental effects of hair loss should not be underestimated. In an already traumatic time, problems can be compounded with many people’s confidence badly affected.

The advice centres will make use of volunteers, including former patients. Linda McCarthy, head of Breast Cancer Care Cymru, said:

“For many women, the thought of losing their hair can be worse than the idea of having surgery.

“Hair loss can make people feel very vulnerable, so it’s wonderful to be able to offer a service that can help boost confidence and make women feel better about how they look.”

One volunteer, Iona Roberts, describes how losing her hair during breast cancer treatment made her fear that she would frighten her grandson. She wore a wig until her hair regrew, but there are many other ways of managing hair loss these days.

If you are receiving a form of cancer treatment and need hair loss related advice, please feel free to contact us.


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