Barber’s son offers hair loss tip

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Barber's son offers hair loss tip

Barber's son offers hair loss tipWhen it comes to hair loss then a tip from a barber’s son is probably worth listening to. In this case John J Rygiel from Wyoming divulged one of his father’s (a barber for 46 years) secrets for disguising a toupee and getting over that awkward moment when you suddenly go from balding to an apparent full head of hair.

Distraction is the key

The solution is a masterpiece in the art of distraction. First you buy a hairpiece and make sure it suits you and you’re happy with the overall appearance and look, then you put it into a drawer and don’t wear it in public, well not at this stage anyway.

The next phase is to grow the bushiest beard and moustache possible, at least until the point where friends and colleagues are commenting on it. This is normally about three months later. At this point you apply the magic. Simply shave off the beard and moustache and pop on the hairpiece.

According to Rygiel your friends will say, “Gee, you look 10 years younger. Hey. I know, you shaved off your moustache and beard! You thought you could fool us.”. The toupee is generally not even noticed.

A more orthodox approach to hair loss

Clever as this trick is, not all hair loss treatments require prestidigitation or membership of the magic circle. A trip online or in person to your local hair loss clinic will reveal a whole array of proven treatments.

The medicine Finasteride is often prescribed to stop hair loss in its tracks and works for 90% of men.Alternatively, if your pockets are deep enough then you could opt for a transplant. This procedure has developed to the point where success is almost guaranteed and the recovery time is minimal.

For those who’ve already lost too much to preserve the remainder then scalp micropigmentation could be the answer. By injecting organic pigments into the skin a skilled practitioner can create the illusion of a layered buzzcut that is indistinguishable from the real thing, even to friends and family. Now that’s magic.


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