Are short men more likely to go bald?

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short bald men

short bald menA recent international genetic study has revealed shorter men have a higher risk of going bald than taller men. After looking at genetic material from over 20,000 men, it was discovered that numerous illnesses and physical characteristics contribute towards premature baldness.

63 alterations within human genome contribute towards baldness

The study, carried out at the University of Bonn, discovered a staggering 63 alterations within the human genome which can contribute towards premature baldness. Along with numerous cancers and early puberty, body size was also a predominant factor.

The study even found interesting links between those with pale skin and baldness. It is well-known that white men are more likely to go bald than other races with darker skin. So, this links to the skin’s ability to synthesise Vitamin D via sunlight.

The study was one of the most in-depth to be carried out into the genetic factors which can contribute towards premature baldness. Although shorter men obviously cannot alter their size, they can take steps to slow down the rate of hair loss and undergo treatment early to minimise the effects.

Risk of increased illness needn’t be cause for concern

Perhaps the most disturbing thing revealed in the research, was those who do go prematurely bald, have an increased risk of illness. Specifically, the risk of certain types of cancers are increased.

However, the researchers were quick to reassure men suffering from premature baldness. Professor Markus Nöthen, claims the risk of illness is only very slightly increased.

So, if you’re a short white male, you are apparently more at risk of going prematurely bald. The good news is, there are plenty of great treatments available which can prove effective at covering up, or treating the problem. There’s also a lot of research currently underway which is aiming to produce a cure for genetic related baldness using the body’s own stem cells. Until then, you can consult a hair loss specialist to discover the different types of treatments which could help slow down the progression of male pattern baldness.


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