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Following the recent press coverage HIS Hair has received, we thought we would answer some of the queries and comments from the public.

We had a fantastic response from many who supported and commended the men coming forward who had undergone the treatment. Thank you to everyone who commented (taken from the Daily Mail and The Sun websites).

Gordon , Belmont, 10/2/2012 13:28
– I think it looks better than being bald it does give you an hair line which makes you look younger.

Amanda, Manchester, 10/2/2012 12:31
– Haha! Actually a great idea!

Marie, london, uk, 11/2/2012 0:20
– i think it looks great what a touching story.

Carly d
– if you change something that makes u unhappy whats wrong with that

– Well i like bald men,but if it makes them feel better about themselves good luck to them.

– do you know what if i was going bald i would def have this done for me personlly i would be well gutted good idea !!

– BRILL Idea if it makes men feel better about themselves ..

There was a lot of confusion between the differences of conventional tattooing and MHT®

Those coming in for an MHT® treatment at HIS Hair Clinics are in a clean and safe environment with the latest equipment and high standards of hygiene. Anyone carrying out MHT® is trained either at the dedicated training centre in Birmingham or by the pioneers Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson.

The treatment uses specialised pigments, almost 100 different tones in fact, meaning all colours can be matched. The equipment is specialised and exclusive to HIS Hair and their dedicated clinics.

ken.dog0 likes
– but tattoo’s fade with time. they never go. but they do fade. a more apt headline. Men can look like a prat with silly tatt.

Although conventional tattoos can fade, part of the maintenance programme that HIS offer includes top-ups when needed, so fading is not an issue.

fastamir0 likes
– Good Idea…..Only problem if the guy has got a white beard would it look odd to have a headful of black hair???

It is natural for men’s hair to fade in colour on their head whilst their beard stays the same colour. Plus, because the natural hair is kept short, it still gives the darker shadow effect needed to blend in with the MHT®.

If you have any other questions about the treatment, head to the forums on and


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