Aged 30 plus? Follow these tips to prevent hair loss

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Aged 30+? Follow these tips to prevent hair loss

Aged 30+? Follow these tips to prevent hair loss30 seems like no age at all but, for a man it could be the last time he’ll enjoy a full head of hair. Of course, some men start to go bald at a younger age but it’s a fact that by their mid 30s most men are shedding hair. So, what can you do about it?

The good news is that you can probably slow the process down by following a few simple and frankly common sense guidelines:

1. Look after your remaining hair

Avoid chemicals and anything that could accelerate the process of hair loss and try avoid heat damage from driers.

2. Don’t do anything that can pull at the hair

This might include towel drying it too vigorously (just pat gently rather than rubbing).

3. Think about your diet

A balanced diet is important for your general health, not just your hair. Make sure you’re eating plenty of proteins, iron and vitamins, particularly A and E which will help to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

4. Try to reduce stress and anxiety

Stress can cause acute hair loss in some cases. Try to find an outlet to reduce your stress or even consider a lifestyle change. Like diet the effects will be beneficial to your general health and not just your hair.

None of the above will help hair regrow and ultimately if you’re programmed to lose your hair you will. These will just help slow down the process.

Other options

If you do take care but eventually get to a point where you feel your hair loss is affecting your confidence or self-esteem then there are options available to you. The key thing is to talk to a specialist hair loss clinic to see what might work for you.

There is a range of great treatments and procedures from scalp micropigmentation to a full hair transplant that are proven, have highly successful results and a good clinic will be able to advise you based on type of hair loss, budget and any other factors.


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