Aclaris Tease New Hair Loss Product With Great Update

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Aclaris, who we have been following for nearly a decade, recently announced results at the midpoint of a year-long trial for a potential new hair loss product.  We look closer. 


A New Hope

Back in 2010, we reported that Aclaris had successfully applied for, and received, a patent which covered their use of a particular JAK inhibitor, tofacitinib. At the time, we recognised the strength of their research and their partners as strong foundations for a successful journey. While we might not have expected to wait this long for a truly positive update, we understand that these things take time.


The latest treatment to go to testing is named ATI-502. Like the original, tofacitinib, it is a JAK Inhibitor, one of a family of enzymes that are used to control signalling and affect the bodies processes. ATI-502 is designed to block the immune response which might otherwise see it attack hair follicles… a process that underpins the most common form of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, of the sort we inherit from our parents. 

Trial Results

While these are only preliminary results, reported at the midway stage of a year-long trial, they are most definitely encouraging. 

Two dozen patients were recruited for the trial with 23 completing the six months of treatment. This involved applying the treatment to their scalps twice a day, every day. Of the 23 subjects, 20, 14 men and 6 women, were reported to have shown measurable improvements in hair density. An additional male and female subject also reported that they experienced increased hair growth not noted by the researchers. 

No less important than the efficacy of the treatment are the side-effects. These are a real concern for both of the existing FDA approved drugs available today. Both come with unwelcome side effects, and one is not even available for women on that basis.  So it is highly relevant that the researchers found no issues at all during their study.

HIS Hair Clinic

The update from Aclaris must be welcomed by hair loss sufferers the world over, but especially by women. The fact that there is just the one available, approved, treatment for them at the moment is a situation that desperately needs addressing. Aclaris, for their part, are already looking ahead to 2020 and production of an improved version of ATI-502, capable of delivering higher concentrations of this topical treatment. We will continue to monitor their work and report back with progress. 

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