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People use an extraordinary range of commercial products, treatments and tricks to hide or address their hair loss. Cyberhair, a modern take on an old method, is the latest addition to the arsenal of solutions. We investigate.


Hiding Hair Loss


There are of course a well understood range of options open to the hair loss sufferer. Hair systems have, in modern times, replaced the wig as the go to solution for anyone point blank refusing to accept their hair loss – capable of doing more than simply returning you to your original condition, a good hair system can actually be far superior to your starting position before hair loss. The best are made from human hair and expertly attached to your existing hair and scalp – regular maintenance is required but we imagine a full head of flowing hair does take some looking after too.

Then of course there are herbal and commercial, FDA approved, medications and treatments, laser therapy for one, that can halt progress of the condition, maybe if you are very very lucky there may be some modest regrowth. SMP is slightly out of kilter with the other two, certainly in terms of it’s public profile. SMP has been around for a over a decade now and is without doubt the fastest growing hair loss treatment on the market.

Set Your Expectations Carefully


The key is being pragmatic about what you can expect to achieve… unless you have seriously deep pockets and can find the very best surgeon to do your work transplants can be unpredictable, It is all too easy to be overambitious for the success of medication, and hair systems can be incredibly restrictive on your lifestyle (not to mention the stress over possible discovery).

What Can Cyberhair Do?


Stumbling across Cyberhair on the web the first thing we spotted is that it is only suitable for those with moderately thinning hair. Norwood 3 on the men’s scale would probably be about as advanced a hair loss stage as it would be suitable for. As you can see from the images above it is an appropriate treatment for women with typical thinning.

The treatment, inspired no doubt by extensions and modern hair systems, involves attaching individual synthetic hairs made from super-heated nylon beads to the human hair. Four of the synthetic hairs are attached to each human hair creating a much improved density in the treated area. Around 600 hairs will be attached during the two hour session, the work is done by a practitioner wearing magnifying goggles enabling the knots to be so small as be invisible to the naked eye. These new hairs will of course grow out and be lost as each follicle reaches it’s resting stage, so you would need to return for additional treatment around every 4 or 5 weeks.

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