A cure for baldness? Not interested…

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A cure for baldness? Not interested

A cure for baldness? Not interestedSometimes it seems that we are a world obsessed with long, flowing locks. Hair, and aesthetic beauty in general, rates highly on many people’s list or priorities. Not having hair, for whatever reason, makes many people panic.

For some people, though, being bald is just fine by them!

Take the Irish Times film correspondent Donald Clarke who penned an article about embracing his baldness … or as he put it in the headline “A beautiful bald dome beats a hairy head any day. I should know.”

A hairy ride

He talks about a world desperate for a cure to baldness. He points out a study from the University of Pennsylvania that said men with no hair are perceived to be stronger, authoritative and to have greater leadership potential but wonders why so many people are still worried about going bald.

Our relationship with hair has been a rollercoaster ride over the decades. Shaved heads have been in vogue.

Perhaps a compromise and one way of embracing balding but styling it out as a choice (rather than a burden) is scalp micropigmentation. SMP means no more dreaded comb overs or hair transplants are needed while you embrace baldness and make it stylish in the process.

What is SMP?

The SMP hair loss treatment provides a solution for hair loss (from general, genetic balding to conditions such as alopecia). It is growing in popularity thanks to the fact that it is non-invasive and shows immediate results without breaking the bank.

The process of SMP leaves a natural looking appearance of hair growth, in just 2 or 3 sittings. It can help fill out a receding hairline, cover bald patches or a full bald head.

What’s more, there’s no surgery involved, no hair pieces needed and no tell-tale scars. It is a hassle-free, low maintenance way to have the appearance of a shaved head, without the totally bald and shiny scalp look.

While many people are happy to embrace the signs of balding, SMP helps it look stylish and natural – a happy medium for those who are relaxed about their hair loss but don’t want the completely hair-free look when they look at themselves in the mirror. This makes balding fashionable!


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