Is a REAL hair loss cure likely to exist anytime soon?

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probioticsAnyone suffering from hair loss will understand how difficult it can be to accept. We regularly meet clients who are suffering from an extreme lack of confidence and low self-esteem, effects that sometimes result in poor physical health, all as a direct consequence of their hair loss. It is perfectly natural therefore, for sufferers of hair loss to ask the inevitable question – does a hair loss cure exist?
It is important to understand, with the exception of people suffering from thyroid hair loss or alopecia, or some other cause like chemotherapy, that hair loss is a perfectly normal and natural event. Most often, the condition is hereditary, in fact if you examine the family history of many individuals, baldness is almost an inevitable occurence.
For those who are able to accept the loss of their hair, this may not be that big a deal. For many however, it can have a significant impact on the way they feel about themselves, and the way they believe they are perceived by others. Unfortunately, even with significant advances in technology, there is no such thing as a hair loss cure, however there are measures that can be taken to slow the onset of hair loss to a certain extent, and treatments available to deal with the problem, if hair loss has started to occur.
Many people who are balding use vitamins for hair loss to slow its progress. In addition, there are a range of hair loss products available, in tablet, lotion or concealer form, that may or may not provide their promised benefits. If you have a receding hairline, and wish to find a way to boost your hair growth, your search for a hair loss cure will probably end in the same fashion as countless other hair loss sufferers – in the purchase of a vast array of lotions, potions and cover-ups that just never seem to deal with the actual problem.

Do hair loss products actually work?

We find quite often at HIS Hair Clinics, that in their quest for a hair loss cure, clients often try virtually every solution available, yet still remain dissatisfied. Why? Because the hair loss sector is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, and as a result, many manufacturers of hair loss solutions seem more intent on selling pills and lotions than actually helping the clients they serve. This is by no means one rule for all, in fact, there are many reputable companies offering solutions which, for many people, really do help. It is apparent however, that clients should be vigilant in their search, and ask for hard evidence of positive results, before committing to any treatment.

What are my options?

We are highly passionate about the effectiveness of our own scalp micropigmentation technique, or SMP for short. With an unbeatable client satisfaction record, our results speak for themselves. We understand however, that one particular solution may not be suitable for everyone. For others, options such as hair transplant surgery, Propecia, Rogaine or hair systems may provide some relief.
At some point in the future, promising new options using stem cells or developments by organisations such as Histogen may be available. Be aware however that we’ve been assured a cure is ‘just around the corner’ for about 30 years now, and any real commercially viable, affordable and publically available cure is likely to be another 30 years away at least.


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