You’re not alone – these celebrities are fighting hair loss too

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Celebrities suffer from hair loss too

Celebrities suffer from hair loss tooYou can’t help but notice that the papers are full of male celebrities coming out into the open about their hair loss issues, and what they’ve done about it.

Hair Loss Heroes

It all started as far back as 2005, when Shane Warne announced he was tackling his problem in his usual blunt manner.

Over in the UK, Wayne Rooney acquired a hair transplant strong enough to withstand the hairdryer treatment from his old boss way back in 2011.

Two years later, no less a figure than Robbie Williams was confident enough to reveal to Graham Norton on his TV show that he’d, in his own words, ‘had a thatch done’.

As more and more celebs come clean without a trace of embarrassment, it’s obvious that the stigma of hair loss treatments has all but vanished – and with new and improved treatments popping up all over the world, we’ve come a very long way from newspaper advertisements for wigs that could be worn in swimming pools and bald-patch spray-jobs.

Problem is, every man’s hair loss problem is unique, and we’re not all on Premiership wages – so maybe SMP treatment could be a quicker, more painless and affordable option.

The ABC of SMP

SMP – Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment – is an incredibly flexible and effective treatment that uses the deployment of specially-selected pigments to create an incredibly natural-looking simulation of micro-hairs. Not only does it blend in with your natural hair, filling in bald patches and covering up any other scalp imperfections, but it also allows you to tailor your look. Want your hairline to look soft or defined? Slightly receded or further forward? Want a widow’s peak or a straight look? SMP can do that, and more.

Although it works best when teamed with the ever-fashionable close-cropped look, it can also be used in tandem with a shaggier look – either to keep the hairline where you want it, or give the illusion of greater volume. For more information – including video of the process – look no further than our SMP page.


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