Will hair become a deciding factor in the presidential debate?

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donald trump hairStudies have long told us that men with thinning hair are deemed ‘less attractive and powerful’ than their thick-haired or shaved counterparts. But what impact could this have on America’s presidential campaign? The current campaign runners offer perhaps the most diverse and interesting hair we’ve seen in politics, but would it really impact their votes?

If you were to ask someone what a full head of hair means to them they’d usually respond with the likes of youthfulness, healthy and attractive. These are the attributes that people find attractive and want to see, especially from someone in power.

How does this affect the current presidential campaign?

It seems people need ‘hair-certainty’, a name that allows us to distinguish people whose hair is essentially ‘what it says it is’. Hair-certainty isn’t about whether someone has good hair or not, rather that there is nothing fake about it. In the case of the presidency, presidential hair can be messy, thick or thin, but it needs that certainty!

The problem with the current runners is some don’t have complete hair certainty and it could damage their chances. Here’s what’s being said about the contenders:

Bernie Sander

The no-nonsense talking Bernie is renowned for his messy hair, giving him a trusty professorial air. Whilst he has ‘hair-certainty’ and is undoubtedly a great candidate, he reminds people of a disaster movie’s mad scientist who was right all along, but no one believed him because of his wild hair. Lets not forget that we also haven’t seen a bald president in over 50 years.

Donald Trump

The most ridiculous hairstyle of them all, Trump’s bouffant has been referred to as a tsunami of hair and is undoubtedly the most opulent style ever seen in politics. Trump’s hair doesn’t scream youthfulness but rather a lot of wealth and with rumours of multiple hair transplants over the years, does it provide hair certainty?

Marco Rubio

Simon Doonan, the creator of hair-certainty believes Rubio may be next for the chop. His hair may look normal, but he reportedly lacks hair certainty and foofs his follicles forward to create a fake hairline. Unfortunately this just isn’t presidential material for the hair certainty crowd.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary caught the headlines with a recent $600 haircut, which cost more than the average American’s weekly wage. But she is said to have great hair, in fact Trump has recently implied she wears a wig, perhaps to take some of the scrutiny he has been receiving away from his haircut. This is good news for Hillary but will her hair help her get into the White House?


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