Will Ferrell, hair loss and hair transplant surgery


The cast of the movie Anchorman 2 recently appeared on the Graham Norton show to promote the new movie. Norton and Ferrell discuss Ferrell’s character, Ron Burgundy, which led into a good chat about Ferrell’s own personal hair loss.

Graham Norton, an Irish comedian, is interested in all things celebrity and discusses with them a wide variety of topics, especially the topics that are relatable to the average person. BBC1 airs The Graham Norton show so Norton can do just that.

Graham Norton asks the questions everyone wants to know about the infamous Ron Burgundy hair and moustache. Will Ferrell talks about how many viewers (and admits himself) think that the moustache looks completely fake but it most definitely is real, despite its ridiculous look!

The legendary hair, on the other hand is actually a wig. Rumor had it that Will Ferrell’s own hair was curled and styled to great extent to create the Ron Burgundy look; however Will admits that due to his own hair loss the look was achieved through the use of a top notch wig.

For any person with thinning hair the excessive styling and heat would create an unhealthy environment for real hair. Ferrell then goes on to explain that while he uses a wig to portray the anchorman, he is very proud of his new and improved natural hair as a result of a hair loss restoration surgery.

Will admits to Norton that his own hair is thinning, not uncommon for men his age. Hair loss is a natural occurrence for many people but it can be an exceptional problem for actors and public figures that are often in the spotlight. Will embraces his own hair issues and admits to recently spending approximately $40,000 on hair transplant surgery. He casually jokes:

It was an early Christmas present to myself.

Many celebrities (including Wayne Rooney and Robbie Williams) admit to having similar treatments for their receding hair lines as well. $40,000 is an exceptionally high price tag for the average person, but there are many hair loss treatments that are a bit more affordable for the non-celebrity clientele.

Hairline restoration is designed to alter or change the hairline to achieve a more desirable result. These procedures can be done on both men and woman. Some of the procedures available include scalp micropigmentation, hair pieces, medication and hair transplant surgery.

The fundamental process of a hair transplant surgery is to take donor hairs from the back part of the scalp and move them to the thinning areas. Once placed in a different place on the scalp, the donor hairs continue to grow. This process is very time consuming and tedious. The hair care professional uses precise skills to harvest the hair and replant it to create a natural looking hairline. These procedures can vary greatly in price dependent upon the doctor and treatment needed. Some doctors may charge by the hour, whereas others charge by the graft. Hair grafts generally vary between five and twelve dollar per graft.

It sounds affordable, but keep in mind that many small grafts may be necessary depending on the desired overall result.Scalp reduction and scalp flap surgery are done in a slightly different manner. These procedures are done by taking the healthy, hair growing portion of the scalp and stretching it over the balding area. This choice is more ideal for patients who wish to lower the hair line to decrease the size of the forehead.

Hair pieces are typically semi-permanent and attached with strong adhesives to allow continual wear for several weeks. In his chat about the Ron Burgundy wig, Ferrell gives a strong warning about excessive wig wear, however, as it could lead to a condition known as friction alopecia. This is when the friction from the hairpiece or wig can stunt the natural hair growth and further perpetuate hair loss issues.


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