What’s going on with your hairline, Jude?

Jude Law and his on-off hair spark controversy

Jude Law and his on-off hair spark controversyMovie star Jude Law might be best known for his films and being a Hollywood pin-up, but his receding hairline often fills up column inches in the celebrity magazines and newspaper sections.

He has experienced male pattern baldness for some years, with lots of speculation about his cover ups and whether he has had a transplant.

Now you see it…

Most recently, the 43-year-old Brit was sporting a fuller head of hair to recent events, as he walked the carpet at the premiere of The Young Pope.

His on and off hair draws as much attention as his acting abilities!

So how has he seemingly reversed his receding hair?

Too soon to see results from a hair transplant, the actor could well have taken a leaf out of Wayne Rooney’s book and used thickening spray.

Despite his hair transplants from Harley Street in London, the Manchester United and England footballer, was said to use thickening spray during the England v Iceland Euros match, as he was spotted the next day with much less on top!

Rooney has admitted to struggling with coming to terms with his hair loss from a relatively young age.

The trouble with thickening sprays…

The problem with hair thickening is that, while it looks effective, it comes out when shampooing the hair making it ineffective and time consuming in the long run.

Another way to achieve the appearance of a fuller head of hair, without hair thickening spray, is SMP or scalp micropigmentation.

SMP is a non-surgical scalp grooming method whereby natural pigmentation is applied to the scalp in tiny dots to represent hair growth.

Most people choose SMP to cover up baldness, hair thinning or if they are suffering from conditions such as alopecia. It is a relatively simple and painless procedure that takes place over a few sessions over a few hours each.

The end result is a natural, fuller looking hair line or bald patches being filled with natural pigment, in a non-invasive and cost-effective way.

Hair loss of any kind can dent somebody’s confidence and self esteem and even more so when in the public eye. This is why so many celebrities are looking for ways to give the illusion of a fuller head of hair. SMP is something worth trying!


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