What does your facial hair reveal about your inner self?

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Beard transplant

Beard transplantFor those of you familiar with Silicon Valley you’ll know that evolving beard style of Erlich Bachman (played by T.J. Miller) is one of the defining characteristics of the series.  As each season has aired the character’s facial furniture has taken on a new look and the question is, what does this tell us about his character.

The beard reveals a lot about the personality

According to Christopher R. Oldstone-Moore, author of Of Beards and Men Erlich’s beard reveals a lot about his personality.  In the first season the strange beard defied categorisation “not a full beard, not a goatee, kind of  its own thing – just like him”.  He goes on to analyse how the beard reflects the character’s changing personality through the series culminating in a style imitating European monarchs of the late 19th century, topping the character’s previous pomposity.

Solve the problem with a beard transplant

So, if the beard really is a kind of window to the soul what do you do if you can’t grow one?  Do you just have to accept that you’ll never be as expressive as the more hirsute amongst us?  The good news is that we live in the age of the Beard Transplant.  Bizarre as it may sound this procedure is rapidly growing in popularity with some surgeons reportedly carrying out as many beard transplants in a week as they were doing in a year a decade ago.

The reason for the upsurge?  Beards are in and the trend looks here to stay.  Also, the procedure has fantastic success rates, and is cheaper than a full hair transplant (although it’s basically the same technique).  In some cases, the recipient can expect to be shaving in just a few weeks.

So, if you want to express yourself via strategically styled facial furniture and are fed up with your blank baby face it might be time to give a specialist clinic a ring on 0121 516 1767




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