What do you think of Billy Bob Thornton’s hair transplant?


Billy Bob Thornton is one of the most loved Hollywood actors ever. He has millions of fans and his movies are always really exceptional. What’s more, he has always been famous for his magnificent looks and for the fact that even age can’t do anything to mess up with his appearance.

Billy Bob Thornton after his hair transplantHowever, his fans now have different views about the latest things Billy Bob Thornton did. He has undergone a few plastic surgeries in order to reduce the effect of his age on his appearance. He had a botox procedure for wrinkle reduction and he also had a hair transplant. His hair had become really thin and this procedure made him look really young again.

The different views of his fans are a result of what they think about these procedures he had. Some of his fans claim that he is and will always be one of the greatest sex-symbols of Hollywood. This was enough for him to be ready to do anything in order to keep this image and appearance for as long as it is possible. These fans think that there is nothing wrong in undergoing a few plastic surgeries in order to look and feel better. However, the other view of his fans is that men become more handsome with age and all he has done is ruin his image. He had the image of a bad boy and almost everyone likes bad boys with scars, wrinkle and even with thinner hair.

His hair transplant is the procedure that caused the major part of the discussions about his appearance. Most of the people are on the opinion that he didn’t need it at all. Yes, his hair had started thinning but it was not a big deal at all. What’s more, he wasn’t even close to becoming bald or something like that. That is why some of his fans disapprove of his hair transplant and think that if he had remained natural this would not only make him look better but it would also keep his image. Now most people think that he is just one of those celebrities that undergo every possible plastic surgery only because it is modern to do so.

However, it doesn’t matter whether what he did is approved or disapproved by his fans. The facts are that he now looks much younger than before and no one could tell his real age from first sight. What’s more, now he has such a thick hair that most of his younger colleagues might even envy at him. Plastic surgeries and hair transplantation in particular would always remain a topic worth discussing. There would always be people that either approve of this or disapprove it. Probably what matters in this case is how the person undergoing such operation feels. After all, we are talking about someone’s appearance and this is something that concerns only one person, not everyone. Maybe we should become more liberal about these things as far as this hasn’t become an obsession.


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