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Victoria Derbyshire is a highly regarded UK journalist who currently hosts her own shows for the BBC on both TV and radio. Last July, following a routine NHS check-up, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her reaction was to broadcast the fact on Twitter and share the experience, which included a mastectomy, by making a video diary. Having finished the second stage of her treatment she is now ready to share her latest video diary, including details of her hair loss and her plan for dealing with it.

Real-Time Sharing




Last September 24th, at Ashford Hospital in Surrey, Victoria Derbyshire underwent her mastectomy operation. She would go on to upset a few people by saying she did not know if she could cope with the mastectomy but that she had found it was “totally doable”. Some have a much worse time of it. However, the overwhelming reaction towards her bringing such wide exposure to a common life-threatening illness was positive.

Chemotherapy, Part 2


Victoria has returned to Twitter to announce that she has prepared a follow-up video detailing the experience of her second bout of chemotherapy. Ahead of that video being released she then tweeted a thirty second clip of herself taken just after having washed her hair while taking a shower. She showed the significant amount of hair that had gathered in the base and drain of her shower.

There can be no doubt Victoria did her research, as you might expect of a top journalist. Her reaction, spoken directly into the camera, showed her taking the news in good spirit and understanding she had done what she could in terms of prevention.

“I’ve had lots of sleep I know exactly what to do this time I feel like I’m in a routine. I’ve drunk loads of water I’ve taken the anti-sickness tablets at the same time so I feel tired and slightly headachy which is fine. If I hadn’t worn the cold cap twice it might have been way more than that, so horses for courses I suppose.”

Get Well Soon



The hair loss was, like everything else in Victoria’s life, meticulously planned for. The video includes her selecting the wig she has chosen to wear to present her television show.

We wish her a swift, full recovery and look forward to her sharing that return to full health.




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