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marc marquez hair loss

marc marquez hair lossAfter being crowned the champion of MotoGP, Marc Marquez should be celebrating. However, he’s recently opened up about the surprising effect the stress of competing has had on his hair.

In early 2017, the star began to lose his hair after experiencing significant stress. He’s admitted the season has been especially tough this year, with many ups and downs along the way. At just 24 years old, he was surprised when his hairdresser told him he was starting to lose his precious locks; especially considering his father and grandfather still had a full head of hair.

How stress affects the hair

After seeking advice from the MotoGP doctor in hospital, Marquez was told he needed to reduce his stress levels. The doctor claimed he had too much stress within the body and this was affecting not just his hair, but his overall health. The star took it on board and changed his mentality. His hair loss issues have started to disappear, highlighting the impact stress can have on a person’s hair.

It’s long been known that increased levels of stress can contribute towards hair loss. It largely triggers a lot of the hair to enter into the resting phase, which eventually falls out together. This results in noticeable bald spots, or at least thinning of the hair.

Treatment for stress related hair loss

The main thing to remember about stress related hair loss is that it’s usually temporary. The hair will start to recover once the stress has been eliminated. It’s also worth noting that it will rarely cause total baldness and it is only severe levels of stress which can pose a problem.

While it is only temporary, there are treatments available which can help you cover up the problem until it rectifies itself. Minoxidil is potentially the most effective solution, available in two different strengths. However, there’s also medications which could help.

If you suspect you are suffering with stress related hair loss, it’s worth seeking advice from a specialist. There are many potential causes of hair loss and each requires a different form of treatment. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free and confidential consultation at His Hair Clinic on   +44(0)845 604 4618


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