The Simon Pegg hair transplant story


It appears Simon Pegg could be the latest celebrity to go under-the-knife and have a hair transplant to regain his hair.

The Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol star was out promoting the new film along-side Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise.

simon pegg hair transplant

He was sporting more ‘Hot Fuzz’ on top of his head that looked much thicker and fuller than back at the Star Trek premiere in April 2009.

He hasn’t denied or confirmed the rumours, but it has caused wide speculation from the media as to whether he has come back from his ‘Shaun of the dead’ look.

The British star may feel the pressure of living in Hollywood as his career keeps going from strength to strength in the States. He even appeared to have lost weight on his face as he posed on the red carpet.

Pegg wouldn’t be the first to have the transplant with Louis Walsh admitting to having the treatment last week (see Louis Walsh hair transplant), as well as Wayne Rooney’s famous admittance last year (see Wayne Rooney hair transplant).


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