Second hair transplant for Embarrassing Bodies Dr Christian Jessen

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Dr Christian Jessen, the presenter of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, has gone under the knife to have his second hair transplant.

The 36 year old doctor admitted he made the decision to have the £5,500 procedure after being subjected to cruel jibes on Twitter.

The TV star says he was targeted by trolls with cruel comments such as “great body, pity about the hair”, and “you’ve got s*** hair”

Dr Jessen has struggled with hair loss for some time, hence his first transplant in 2009, but after a serious bout of pneumonia last year his hair loss became much worse.

It is likely that the stress exerted on his body during that period may have caused Dr Jessen to suffer with Telogen Effluvium. For more information about the link between Telogen Effluvium and physical trauma, see this blog post.

“Most of my hair grew back after the pneumonia but there was just a bit less,” he explained. “Any serious illness can result in hair loss. The same thing can happen to women after they give birth”

“I hadn’t realised that there was an option for a second hair transplant. When I was told it was possible, I thought it would be good to make my hair thicker at the front. There were also a few gaps which need filling. The techniques have improved a lot in the four years since I had the first one.”

Manchester’s Crown Clinic surgeon Asim Shahmalak transplanted 3,000 hairs from the back of Jessen’s scalp to the front.

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