Ne-Yo comes to terms with his bald head

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Ne-Yo comes to terms with his baldness

Ne-Yo comes to terms with his baldnessIt’s pretty unusual to start to lose your hair before you hit puberty but that’s exactly what happened to R&B star Ne-Yo. Children can be merciless in their teasing and he was given special dispensation to wear a cap in school. The hat stuck and became his trademark when he hit the big time but this year he’s finally decided to ditch the headgear and embrace his baldness.

It’s about self-love

He attributes the change of heart and image to new found levels of confidence after the birth of his third child. In his words, “I told myself 2017, it’s about self-love, it’s about confidence, it’s about just living in who you are (sic) and loving it”.

It’s great that he no longer feels the need to hide behind the hat but he’s not the only person who struggles to deal with the early onset of baldness. If you’re suffering from a lack of confidence or feel you have low self-esteem due to hair loss then one of the options is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).

How to get a buzz cut even when you’re bald

Whilst the procedure won’t grant a you a full head of curly locks it does create a very realistic illusion of a buzz cut with friends and family unable to tell it apart from the real thing.

The secret is finding the right practitioner who will be able to create a layered 3d look over a couple of sessions by injecting tiny dots of organic pigment in to your scalp. The results are maintenance free and permanent and, even better, it’s non-invasive with virtually zero recovery time.

As Ne-Yo has proven, it’s great if you can come to terms with complete baldness but if not SMP might be just the ticket to save you wearing a hat all the time.


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