MMA fighter Junior Dos Santos and his rapid hair loss


Although hair is probably the last thing an MMA fighter considers when facing an opponent in the ring, it has become clearly visible that Junior Dos Santos needs to do something about his disappearing hairline.

If you happen to compare some of his new photos with older ones you would easily be able to notice that his hair has greatly changed over the years. Junior Dos Santos is still in his twenties which means that he should definitely take some remedial action soon if he doesn’t want to be completely bald by the age of 35.

Junior Dos Santos suffers from male pattern baldness. This type of baldness is common for men and it is becoming more and more widespread. Some people claim that this condition is spreading due to the increased amounts of stress we are exposed to every day. Others claim that this has something to do with the quality of the food we eat.

It doesn’t actually matter what the problem is because you can neither get rid of the stress nor stop eating. What matters is that solutions have advanced and you can now have your hair loss problem treated.


There is a lot of speculation about whether a celebrity has a hair loss problem that is exasperated by the stress of trying to hide it. However, Junior Dos Santos isn’t among them and he doesn’t seem to care about the fact that his hair is receding. He never tries to hide his scalp and all he does is keep his hair cut short. This doesn’t hide his problem and it probably makes it even more visible.

His attitude towards hair loss is something many people should start doing. Hair loss has become one of the main causes for low self-esteem and we all know that the low self-esteem may ruin your whole life – you will be more anxious, you would feel as if you are the cause of all problems and you might even lose your job because you will no longer be able to do it the way you have to. If on the other hand you stop caring about the problem, either by doing something about it or just accepting it, you are highly likely to become a happier and more successful person.

If hair loss bothers you and you can’t help thinking about it, you should probably do something about it. Junior Dos Santos doesn’t bother to think about his hair, but it bothers many millions of men so there is no shame in looking for a solution.


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