Matthew McConaughey lets it all hang out – receding hairline and all

Does Matthew McConaughey suffer from hair loss?

Does Matthew McConaughey suffer from hair loss?Hollywood hasn’t seen the like of it since Robert de Niro piled on the pounds for Raging Bull in 1980: Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey has been spotted filming his latest film Gold packing 40 pounds of extra baggage around the midriff.

And while the media went ga-ga over his role-specific weight-gain (along with the prosthetic nose and false teeth), our attention is drawn to the top of the head of the former Sexiest Man Alive and its outbreak of full-blown male pattern baldness.

Which set us thinking…

Is Matthew McConaughey really balding?

Digging through the archives, we found this article in the Mail Online, written after filming of Gold, showing that he quite wisely had a full crop afterwards and lay low for a bit until it grew back. Judging by the pictures taken at an awards ceremony a year ago, he’s not showing a trace of male pattern baldness.

But then, we discovered a post on the Mens Hair Forum that builds a pretty solid case for him having some work done in the past.

As the pics demonstrate – particularly a mugshot taken in 1999 after he was arrested for marijuana possession while playing the bongos naked (in the privacy of his own home, we should add) –  he was already deploying his trademark wavy hair in an attempt to cover up male pattern baldness.

All signs point to the following:

1. Yes, Matthew McConaughey, award-winning actor, heart throb and former Sexiest Man Alive, was suffering from male pattern baldness in his early thirties
2. Yes, he did something about it – most likely a hair transplant, although the MHB post also speculates on a possible Minoxidil and Propecia regime – at some point early last decade
3. Yes, he looks ridiculously good and natural with it, whatever it is he had done
4. And yes, he obviously doesn’t give a damn about it.


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