Less Mole, More Hair?


Has the Spanish born pop singer done something to add a little more hair to his crown?

The latest celebrity in the hair loss “has he, hasn’t he” conversation is none other than Spanish pop sensation Enrique Iglesias. Rarely photographed without a hat, which causes speculation of hair loss in it’s own right, Iglesias (39), in his prime, was known for his on-trend hair style as much as he was for his singing and killing it with the ladies.
But as often is the case with most men, the once style setting hair began to wane and Iglesias found himself in the company of so many other men experiencing a noticeable level of male pattern baldness.
Jump ahead a few years later and it would appear that Enrique’s hair has gone on a comeback tour of it’s own — which opens up for the question: did Enrique Iglesias have a hair transplant or is he wearing a hair system.
It’s easy to assume that a man of Enrique’s fame and stature could easily get the best hair transplant or hair system that money could buy. But Iglesias has an advantage that most folks in his position don’t have, knowing someone first hand who has underwent a hair transplant — his father, famous singer Julio Iglesias.
Julio experienced significant hair loss early in his career. For many years his able to hid his hair loss through strategic hair styles and concealers, but eventually he underwent a hair transplant that reportedly didn’t yield the best results.
One would imagine that after knowing what his father went through regrading his hair transplant, that Enrique would avoid the same pitfalls.
One hair loss professional believes that Enrique has sought the aid of a different hair loss solution: “My educated guess is in part supported by the numerous photos I have seen of Enrique recently, which have the tell-tale signs of a “moving” hairline, sometimes revealing a significantly higher forehead, other times much smaller. This apparent movement of the hairline is a distinct indicator that Enrique wears a hairpiece, at least for frontal coverage.” says Dr. Miles, contributing author to several hair loss blogs.
The ever shifting hairline is a sign of a hair system wearer as the the hair system is removed to be cleaned and then reattached. This would explain the differences in hairlines as the reattached hair system never goes back into place in the exact spot as before.
So it would appear that Enrique Iglesias isn’t without some sort of a scalp coverage, baseball cap or otherwise.


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