Jeremy Piven and his hair transplant

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Before playing the part of Mr. Selfridge of the hit British television show by the same name, actor Jeremy Piven was widely known for his role as Ari Gold in the HBO comedy hit, Entourage.

He played a highly successful Hollywood agent that was both brash and neurotic. It was one of the most entertaining series that HBO has produced ever since Sex in the City. Jeremy Piven played his part so well that he won three successive Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series.

Jeremy PivenHis receding hairline was not really that noticeable at the time. People were more focused on his captivating performances. It would often elicit the so much laughter; one would be left gasping for air. Fast forward a few years after and he still knows how to incite the right reaction from the viewer. It may be due to the unexpectedness of his masterful delivery. Age however, has begun to take its natural toll. His hair has been at the receiving end of it.

Jeremy Piven is now forty-nine years old. He has been cast as Harry Selfridge, a department store owner known for his flamboyance and big dreams. He first played this role in 2013 and has gone on to do so successfully. It has been scheduled to air its third season on ITV in 2015. Jeremy’s fictional character always looks dauntless in each and every scene of the show.

Mr. Piven however, may have a different attitude toward hair loss in real life. It has been reported that he has undergone a £9000 hair transplant procedure to combat his hair loss. It was a meticulous procedure that required hair to be transplanted strand by strand. This operation was quite opportune as the affliction began when he was a young man who was barely out of his twenties. The change in his hairline is quite obvious upon viewing a role he played in the television series Ellen. It was a show that aired in the mid to late nineties.

There are some pictures of Jeremy when he was in Hawaii in 2010. One can immediately see a big scar on the back of his scalp. When questioned about it the actor replied that the new scar was the product of a surgical procedure. It was to hide a previous scar he received while on the job.

The opinion of a leading hair transplant surgeon disproved this. He explained that it was the result of a strip method procedure. This is where hair is extracted from a healthy part of the scalp and painstakingly transferred per strand to the affected portions where it is thinnest. He further opined that it looked as if it took about three thousand grafts to complete and with a price tag of about £9000 for the procedure.


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