The Jason Gardiner Hair Transplant Story


jason gardiner hair transplant beforeWith a number of celebrities making the decision to have hair transplants, it’s important to remember that you can’t gain instant results as the Jason Gardiner hair transplant revelations demonstrated last weekend. After undergoing a £22,000 Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgery and waiting nine months to reveal the results Jason Gardiner proudly unveiled his new head of hair on Dancing on Ice back in March. However, now its four months later and Jason was spotted with a revealing bald patch on the crown of his head.

jason gardiner hair transplant afterFUE takes 5-10 months for new hair to become fuller, however it is not uncommon for patients to suffer slight hair loss after surgery. The transplanted hair shafts will fall out leaving new hair waiting to grow through which means that in many cases it takes time to get the desired effect.

It is also a possibility, like many hair transplant patients, that Jason Gardiner has been using some kind of temporary concealer. Use of temporary concealers is commonplace following hair transplant surgery, and it may be that this photo simply catches him without it.

Fortunately MHT can be used to compliment hair transplant procedures to produce a more dense and natural looking outcome. For some men, there is not always sufficient donor hair to cover the hair loss; as a result the scalp can still sometimes be visible. When MHT is applied to the scalp it disguises the hair loss making the scalp and hair appear fuller and natural. This technique has proved to be so successful that HIS Hair Clinics work with many Hair Transplant clinics offering MHT to hide after effects of transplant surgery ensuring that the patient achieves the best possible results available to them.

Not all celebrities and men are as open as Jason Gardiner or indeed Wayne Rooney when it comes to talking about hair transplants (see our Wayne Rooney hair transplant post). FUE makes it a little easier to disguise signs of hair transplants due to the very limited scarring, however opting for traditional hair transplant methods leave the aftermath looking very obvious.

jason gardiner hair transplantEntourage star Jeremy Piven was caught out last year when he displayed a prominent scar on the back of his head. Although he’s never admitted to having a hair transplant, many believe he underwent surgery and his scar is a clear sign of the strip method; where a strip of skin with follicles is taken from a donor area at the back of the head. Jeremy’s hair loss has been well documented over the years, from starring in Ellen in the 90s when his hair line was significantly receding to 2011 where he has a full head of hair.

HIS get many requests from clients asking for MHT to be used to camouflage hair transplant scars. Scarring on the scalp is a very noticeable sign of hair transplants so MHT is applied to conceal the scar. Check out our case studies to see the incredible results.


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